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Bus Driver Appreciation

As the holiday season quickly approached in December, I was searching Pinterest for gift ideas for teachers. I enjoy making things. All different kinds of things. Part of me wanted to find inspiration to make something special for my kids teachers. Another part of me wanted to keep it simple and go to the store and buy an item that was ready to wrap. As I was searching the numerous pins filled with gift ideas for teachers, I came across one that mentioned giving bus drivers a gift as well.

I felt like I had walked into a closed sliding glass door. Now if you haven’t done this yourself, I’m sure you’ve watched someone do this before. Not only does it hurt but you sure feel like an idiot. Bus drivers can start their work day earlier than I get up in the morning. They smile as the children walk single file onto the bus. They have to ensure the students sit and follow the rules on the bus while they are driving down the road following the rules of the road. I don’t know about you but I have trouble holding it together in the car when I have 2 kids who are acting up. Of course, I want to remember the person who has my kids lives in their hands every school day!

The part of me that wanted to make the gifts had to deal with the disappointment that time was not on my side. I had no idea what the bus driver liked and I had no one to ask. While I was at the store searching for a gift, I came across a gift pack of different flavored hot chocolate. Feeling it was a safe bet I purchased it for $8 or $10. I also had my kids make the bus driver a handmade card thanking her for getting them to and from school everyday.

The look on the bus drivers face when my kids handed her the gift was priceless. She looked at me and said that no one had given her a gift before for doing her job. As I turned around and started walking home a wave of joy rushed over me that I had made someone feel thought of and special. Then a wave of sadness hit me as I realized all the bus drivers who wouldn’t be thought of and thanked during the holidays.

My children no longer take the bus but I encourage those whose children do, to please remember the bus drivers during the holiday season and at the end of the school year. A handmade card thanking them for what they do everyday would let them know they are appreciated. Here are some other inexpensive gift ideas:



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