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DIY Lip Balm Made Easy

DIY Lip Balm-001

My sister-in-law sent my kids a kit to make their own lip balm. All of my kids love experimenting. Who can blame them! I love experimenting and making things too. I had found a few recipes for making lip balm on Pinterest. I really wanted to try making my own. I was a little reluctant to purchase all of the ingredients and the containers when I didn’t know how it would turn out and if I would like using the DIY lip balm.

This was the perfect way to find out what is involved in the process so I could decide if I wanted to make my own. If my lips liked it, then I wouldn’t mind investing in the ingredients.

This is what we received in the mail.

Lip Balm DIY Kit

Lip Balm DIY Kit Contents

We took out the ingredients for the first batch we were going to make. My daughter picked vanilla flavoring for the lip balm she was making. The other flavors in our kit were cherry and sugar kisses.

Lip Balm DIY Products

The directions were easy to follow. This is what they looked like after my daughter filled her lip balm tubes.

Lip Balm DIY Finished Product

Our kit included labels that said “Handmade by {child’s name}.” Here’s what they looked like after the labels were applied. My kids loved having labels with their names on them. Who wouldn’t, right? They have also loved giving the lip balm to the special people in their life.

Lip Balm DIY Completed

I love the lip balm. My lips are so smooth. Cherry flavored is my favorite which is strange because I usually don’t like cherry flavoring. You can purchase your own kit at Handcrafted Honeybee. Watch the Handcrafted Honeybee Lip Balm Tutorial to see how easy it is to make your own lip balm using the kit. While you are there, check out the other products. They make great gifts!