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DIY Succulent Terrarium with Strawberry Rocks

I love my terrarium! I had to make more. I made one as a birthday present for my mom. I wanted to add something special to the terrarium. My mom collects strawberry items so I decided to find some strawberry shaped rocks and paint them to look like strawberries. It was a challenge to work with rocks that small but they turned out adorable! Instructions for making them can be found here.

Here’s how they turned out.

Strawberry Rocks

I started with the same supplies I used to make my first terrarium. I also picked up two additional bags of rocks from Michaels. They were $1.60 each. They are the two bags in the picture below that still have tags on them.

Terrarium Supplies

I started with some white rocks at the bottom of the bowl to allow for drainage. Then I added the charcoal.

Terrarium Filler

Next came the succulent soil. I picked up an assortment of succulents and one cactus.

Cactus and succulents

I arranged the cactus and succulents where I wanted them. Then I added rocks. I decided that the white rocks helped the strawberry rocks stand out more. Here’s the finished terrarium!

Strawberry Terrarium

Don’t forget to give the newly planted succulents and cactus some water. Once the plants dry a little you can gently brush the soil that is on the rocks and plants off.

Take a look here to see the first terrarium I made.