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DIY Succulent Terrariums

Living in California, in a constant state of drought, I started planting succulents and I have really come to love them. They provide color (mostly green) and are easy to maintain. When pieces of plant break off you can stick them in soil and they will continue to grow. Who can ask for more than that? I know. More color would be nice but remember…they don’t need much water!

While searching through Pinterest one day, I came across a post about making your own terrarium using succulents. What a great idea! Now I can enjoy my succulents outside and inside.

After researching the recommended and commonly used ingredients, I made my shopping list. I ordered the charcoal, succulent soil, and moss from Amazon. I picked up three different types of rocks from the dollar store. The succulents came from a garden center. I already had the glass bowl. I covered my tablecloth with plastic to make cleanup easier.

Here’s what I started with:

Terrarium Components

First step is to put a layer of rocks in the bottom of the glass bowl.

Terrarium Rocks

Then add a layer of charcoal.

Terrarium Charcoal

Next, add a layer of succulent soil.

Then comes a layer of moss. It needs to soaked in water before placing in the terrarium. 

Follow the directions for the moss you purchase. Then add the moss to your terrarium.

Add succulents, rocks, and any other decorations that you want.



I enjoyed making my first terrarium. My kids have really taken an interest in it. They love looking at it and they are constantly asking if I’ve remembered to water it. I picked up a smaller glass bowl for my teenager to make her own. We will work on hers soon. This can be a fun summer project!

I’ve decided to make terrariums as birthday presents for some of the special people in my life this year. Keep an eye out for more to come!


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