My Blog Name

I’ve had a few  people ask me how I came up with my blog name.

I knew I wanted to keep the name somewhat short and hopefully easy to remember. I also wanted it to mean something to me and my family. I came up with a few different ideas and asked a few of my nerdy friends for their opinion.

It all came down to the fact that I love pickles. My kids love pickles. I lost quite a few baby teeth when I was a kid from eating pickles. My grandma made her own dill pickles and I loved them. My grandparents and great grandparents got such a kick out of my love for pickles.

I like little pickles and big pickles. I like that they are sour and crunchy. They make awesome snacks. I will even start to salivate when I think about pickles. I can’t have just one. I grab two at a time. I buy the gigantic jars of pickles at Costco and we will frequently eat a jar in less than a week at my house.

And that, is how I came up with my blog name. 🙂